Forest extinguishing equipment

ermak25This fire extinguishing backpack is designed to extinguish small fires, flammable undergrowth and serve as fire liquidation patrol equipment or during the burning of brushwood and branches. This equipment is suitable for fire-fighting tanks, off-road transport through the forest survey in dry months or as prevention equipment during harvest.
Extinguishing backpack ERMAK 25 has been designed and produced without compromise. Double action hand pump with surface finish provides a very easy pace. This hand pump ends with adjustable flow metal cap. Two layers of the 3D design with a durable waterproof outer layer of red or yellow. The inner layer made of a fabric coated with PVC. Dual Docking soft back provides comfort and protects your back from cold water. Convenient coupling system provides comfort and offers a wide range of settings on your backs. The coupling system consists of fully adjustable wide shoulder, waist and chest district straps . Large cap for easy water filling without removing it. The cap is attached to the backpack. Large plastic handle provides easy handling of the loaded up backpack. A large storage pocket with a fastener intended for hand pump or other instruments.

Technical parameters.

Sizes 680x470x140 mm
Weight 2,4 kg
Flow rate 3,7 l/min
Capacity 25 l
Spray distance full flow- 8,5 m
Spray distance mist flow – 4,0 m
Hose lenght 1 m

The composition, structure and individual components

1. Outer protective layer consisting of a waterproof fabric with a comfortable coupling system.
2. The inner layer consists of 100% PES coated with PVC on both sides.
3. Double action hand pump with an integrated handle. Pump ends with adjustable flow metal cap. Metal pump with “anodized” surface finish.
4. High quality pressure hose with two stainless steel connections.
5. The Large cap is attached to the backpack.